Behavior Modification

Behaviour modification is the training or conditioning required to change an undesirable behaviour to an acceptable one. Canine behaviour is defined by the owner as either acceptable or not.


Any action that your dog portrays that you deem inappropriate or highly aggravating. A dog which is a problem to one owner may be a pleasure to another.


Listed below but not limited to are some problem areas: seizures, nutrition, physical conditioning, puppy problems, aggressive behaviour, destructive behaviour, unruly behaviour, introverted behaviour, old age, house soiling, chewing, digging, jumping up, barking, biting, fighting, running away, howling, does not obey, and shyness.

House Calls:

Normally when conducting an analysis of your dog a house call is mandatory. We come to your home to do the analysis. The procedure normally takes about an hour. At the end of the session we usually are able to diagnose the cause and recommend remedies to your problem areas.

When working with dogs it’s important to say that every dog is an individual. Like children what works for one will not always work for the next. We believe in taking small steps and staying as versatile as possible. Sometimes your dogs attitude will change and we will be required to change to another technique to stay in step with them. The ultimate goal is harmony in the home that both human and canine can be happy with.