Pet Sitting

For our pet sitting services we charge by the visit and we come to your home. If you have a pet that does not kennel well or multiple pets we may be your solution. Our basic rate is $12 per visit, in town Clarksville, TN, for up to three pets, and $15 per visit in Hopkinsville, KY (sorry – you are a little farther away).  When we come to your home for a visit we will feed and water your babies, take walks with them or just play in the yard. Some we just spend time talking to and petting. We scoop any cat boxes and clean up any messes. Also at no additional charge we will bring in your mail and newspaper, rotate lights if requested, open and close curtains or blinds, water house plants and we will even take your trash can out to the curb on trash days.

Our basic rate will be adjusted for more than 3 pets or for extra mileage if you are outside of town.