Obedience Training

Obedience is the coordinated effort of a team (handler and dog) that has been trained and conditioned to behave in the home, in public places, and in the presence of people, dogs or outside stimuli. At the puppy level the team learns who is trainer and who is the trainee, care and maintenance. As the team progresses through the upper levels they learn to work together, attain specific goals, and demonstrate control. AKC sanctions competitions.

Puppy Class:

Techniques taught: the bonding process, potty training, the name game, sit, down, follow me, care and grooming, don’t bite, don’t jump, tones of voice to be used, riding in a car, bathing, brushing, come when called, loading the clicker and canine and people socialization.

Beginners Obedience:

Beginners obedience is where the foundation of obedience is formed. Techniques taught: leash control , equipment available and their uses, compulsion training, reinforcement training and reading your dog. Actions taught: heal on leash, left/right turn, u turn, figure eight, speed while healing, command sit, automatic sit, down, wait, stay, 6 foot come and polish. This class is heavy in socialization.

Command Recall:

In this block of instruction your dog is taught to return to you regardless of the distractions. The distance progresses from 6 feet to 25 feet. Techniques taught are: use of 25 foot leash, proper commands, proper attitudes, method of gaining distances between you and your dog, proper corrections. This phase culminates with required scenarios.

Intermediate Obedience:

Intermediate obedience (this is the novice level) consists of reinforcing the foundations previously taught. The requirements are strictly adhered to. Techniques taught are: exact heal location, straight sit, straight down, beginning heal free, long sit, long down, stand for inspection, motivation class and initial retrieval. Obstacles introduced: high jump, broad jump, window jump and the long jump.

Advanced Obedience:

Not yet available.


Less than six months old for the puppy class. Six months or older for beginners, command recall and intermediate classes. Current vaccinations, friendly to people and other animals.

Equipment Needed:

Six foot web or leather leash, buckle or quick release collar (no chain leashes or collars). Treats that your dog “really” likes (can be chopped up hot dogs).

*Puppy class is five weeks long.
*Beginners obedience is eight weeks long.
*Intermediate obedience is a duration class.
*Upon occasion there will be no classes scheduled, this is due to the instructor competing. All classes will be taught until the required number of classes have been completed.