Kritter Sitters is a small family business. We started the business in 2000 as owners of 4 dogs and 2 cats who discovered that it was just too expensive to kennel the pack. To add to the problem we had a border collie that had seizures and required medication 3 times daily. Even weekend trips were just not possible. If we had that problem we were sure that others would also, so Kritter Sitters was born.


In 1997, after 23 years in the US Army, Gary retired from 5th Special Forces Group at Fort Campbell. He went to work for Federal Express and got involved in training dogs on weekends. He is now the primary trainer for Clarksville Canine Sports Association’s flyball and agility teams. He is competing in flyball and agility with his border collie, Mikki, who currently holds three flyball titles.



Betty has been working in the accounting field for 25 years and was the primary force in creating Kritter Sitters to turn her love of animals into a job that she enjoys. She is also a member of CCSA and competes in flyball with her dog Amber. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) and is a certified sitter.



Liz’s current day job is telephone customer service which pays for the food and upkeep of her four dogs at home. She moonlights as needed as the spare sitter for the company handeling the over flow in the busy times, and covers for Betty and Gary when they are out of town for buisness or competitions. When she has a break from sitting she enjoys writing and time with her son.