Flyball Training

Flyball is a relay race consisting of four dogs. Each dog in succession must run over four hurdles, jump onto a box and catch a spring loaded ball, then return over four hurdles with the ball. There are two teams running at the same time, drag racing style. Each lane is comprised of a box, four hurdles and a marked start/finish line. Each lane is 51 feet long, and lanes are at least 12 feet apart, with hurdles spaced 10 feet apart. The team that finishes first without error wins. There are two flyball organizations, NAFA and U-FLI that sanction competitions.


Introduction to flyball. Techniques taught: load the clicker, luring, motivation and the retrieve. Techniques taught are: return run (1 hurdle, 2 hurdles, 3 hurdles and 4 hurdles), the swim turn, victory runs, motivators. Chase drills, sling box, methods of tugging.


Continuing level of flyball. Techniques taught are: reinforcement from the beginners class, how to read your dog, techniques of motivation. Techniques taught are: out run the box with hurdles (1 hurdle, 2 hurdles, 3 hurdles and 4 hurdles), swim trun on box, drag racing and run rights.


This level of training can only be conducted in a group setting. This level pertains directly to competition.


Six months old or older. Current vaccinations. Controllable on leash. Friendly to people and other animals.

Equipment Needed:

Six foot web or leather leash, buckle or quick release collar (no chain leashes or collars). Treats that your dog “really” likes (can be chopped up hot dogs). Your dogs favourite toy (can make noises) or a Frisbee.

*These classes are taught in four week periods. Some weeks there will be no training as the instructor will be at a competition. All classes will continue until the required number of classes have been completed.